Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Membership Rules Make it Easer to Join

At PFC we are always thinking of ways to make it easier for people to join our ranks, while at the same time maintaining our high standards for safety.

Starting in April, we have introduced a 60 day risk-free trial membership period.  If you are interested in membership, the basic process is this:

  1. Email us a, click on the "request info button" on our webpage and answer a few questions, or call us (347) 7-FLY-PFC (347-735-9732) and leave us a message.  Will, our membership guy, will call you to discuss the membership process and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Fill out the formal application, and arrange for an interview with the board (which typically happens on the third Thursday of each month).
  3. After the board interview and reference checks (assuming everything is well) you will be asked to attend a general meeting, to meet the members, and be officially voted in.
At that point, the 60 day trial period will begin.  During this period:
  • You can fly our aircraft with club approved CFI.  You can use this period to see if you like our planes, how the club is run, and your fellow owners.  You can use this period to practice and train for the club check ride.
  • During this 60 day period, you can leave the club for any reason.  You will be responsible for the monthly dues for the month(s) you were a member, as well as any actual flying you did.  Other than that, your buy-in will be returned to you in full, and (if there is one) you do not have to go on the exit list to weight to be "bought out," you can exit straight away.
  • Once you pass your club check ride, you will gain solo flying privileges on our planes.
  • The trial period will end when you pass your club check ride, or the 60 days are up, which ever comes first.  (Even beyond the 60 days, you are welcome to remain a dual-only member.)
Our primary motivation in changing our membership process was two fold:
  1. We wanted people an opportunity to really get to know our fleet, and the culture and various procedures of the club before committing.
  2. Many people came to us and said, "I need a few hours of training to be comfortable taking the check ride," or "It's been a while since I've flown, and I'm looking to get back in."  The new membership rules allow people to join first, get the training they need in our aircraft, paying club (as opposed to flight-school) rates.
So we hope you will give us a serious look.

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