Monday, July 11, 2011

Airports of NJ: Ocean City (26N)

This is a great day-trip destination, especially during the summer months.

Just a little south of Atlantic City, and a 45 minute flight from LDJ.  Perfect for a quick day trip. The runway is just shy of 3,000 feet---still plenty for a Cessna. The runway is oriented parallel to the shoreline, so expect pretty gusty crosswinds, though. But at just 6 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, you can park the plane and walk to the beach. There's even a shower off to the side of the tarmac, so you can rinse off before stepping back into your plane. The airport FBO staff is friendly, even though the field gets a lot of traffic during the season.  The diner style restaurant on the field is pretty good, too.

The flight down the NJ coast is quite scenic.  And if you decide to do the inland route, you can gaze down at I-95 which turns into a giant parking lot during summer travel season, and feel pretty smug about getting to avoid it all.

During the off season the airport (and the restaurant) closes early, so best to call ahead to find out about their hours.

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