Friday, March 11, 2011

Airplane keys

A new member recently sent an email saying: "I'm thrilled to be in PFC and can't stop showing off the key!"  One of our board members, who is not usually known for much sentimentalism, once remarked that when he first joined he would sometimes take the keys out of his pockets just to look at them.

The last thing a member will be asked to do before departing from the club is to turn in his keys—something that many former members confess was hard to do, even if they hadn't actually used them in quite some time.

Of course, keys are symbols of access, and for that reason have special meaning. Most of us can probably remember being handed the keys to our first car or our first house. But airplane keys seem to mean more. Perhaps it is the idea that we can go flying anytime we want—the promise of adventure—that we find so appealing (even if we don't actually get to go flying as often as we would like). Or perhaps it is the sense of belonging to a pretty small group—aircraft owners. Whatever the case maybe, airplane keys seem to have greater meaning for those who are fortunate enough to have them.

Got any airplane key stories to share?


  1. My brother felt the same when he was given airplane keys from his flying school. Though his duty was to only inspect each plane after use, he consider these keys as his treasures.


  2. Car keys might look fancier to most spectators. You'll have to show them your ride to extract their full awe.
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