Thursday, November 4, 2010

The new addition to our fleet --- N6189Q (2008 C172 G1000)

The newest addition to our fleet N6189Q, a 2008 model year C172 G1000, made it safely to its new home at KCDW on Tuesday. The oil has been changed for the colder NJ weather, and our mechanics have given it a once over. The plane is parked where N63017 used to be, and is now ready to fly.

We have set the rate for this aircraft at a competitive $135 per tach hour wet. Transition training for existing members will begin shortly.

With a nearly new exterior and interior, complete with comfortable leather seats and airbag seatbelts, this aircraft certainly passes what our president refers to as the "spouse test." And for the pilot, the G1000 suite presents a wealth of information---nav, traffic, weather---at your finger tips for better situational awareness and more efficient flying. The capabilities of the GFC700 autopilot are simply stunning---you just have to fly it to believe what it can do.

We fully expect this new aircraft to be one of the club's most popular in the coming months. See a few photographs of our brand new aircraft on our website.

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