Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alumni: Living the dream of airpark life

One of the wonderful things about a club like PFC is the vast network of alumni that we manage to keep in touch with.  One such alumnus, Bruce Goldberg, and his wife graciously put us up for the night on our recent expedition to go retrieve our new G1000 C172 from FL.  This allowed us to break up the 10 hour flight from FL to NJ, with an overnight in SC.
What made this doubly special was the fact that they are living the dream of all pilots---they live in an airpark. What could be better for two tired pilots than to land, park the plane, and just be able walk into a cozy living room. Their home has  a hangar for their C182 (complete with workshop and three car garage), and a 4000 ft runway right off their back yard.
Oh, and the rest of their house was very nice, too... And their hospitality much appreciated. (Unfortunately, we arrived late and too tired to snap any pictures of our lovely hosts.  Otherwise we would share them with you...)

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