Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Airports of NJ: Linden (KLDJ)

We would be remiss if we did not discuss our other home base, Linden Airport (KLDJ).
Linden is located just 6nm southeast of Newark International Airport (KEWR)---when Newark is landing on runways 4L/R, the conga line passes almost directly overhead. Linden has a single runway (9-27@4100+ ft). Has a single GPS/RNAV approach.
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Given the shape of the overlying Bravo, the ceilings are low.  Pattern altitude is a low 800ft, and the Bravo starts at 801---so best to give yourself a bit of room.  Route I-95 runs on the east side of the field, the ceiling on the other side of I-95 is even lower at 500 feet, so it is best to keep the pattern pretty tight. Pattern entry for runway 9 is a bit unusual upwind entry.

Approaching from the west, the landmark to head for is the Merck factory/chimney. To the south and east of the field, the airport is virtually surrounded by oil storage farms, with dozens of huge round white crude oil storage tanks. Very hard to miss. Coming in from the north, Newark Tower will usually clear you to fly through the Bravo down the west side of the Garden State Parkway until you hit Linden.

One full service FBO on the field. Mechanic on the field as well. A quick call on the Unicom is all that is required to have a lineman meet you at the fuel pump. But 100LL is pretty expensive here.

Short of landing in Newark, though, you really can't beat its location. A quick 30 minutes will get you into Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel. And Linden is probably one of the few GA airports that are genuinely accessible from Manhattan by public transport (combination of PATH/NJ Transit and a 5 minute cab ride). Despite its convenient location and accessibility, the proximity to EWR and the low ceiling must scare many pilots away, so fixed wing traffic is light especially given its location.

Linden serves as a operating base for choppers belonging to various news organizations and the like, so rotary traffic can be heavy at times. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the helicopter routes around the area. There is also a helicopter flight school on the field, so you need to be looking out for rotary training activity.

Checkers burger joint at the arrival end of Runway 9, though you do have to trek outside the airport to get there.  As usual, FBO has fully stocked vending machines.


  1. I'm feeling a little uneasy seeing all those oil storage facilities so close to the airport. While unlikely to happen, if something goes wrong, those tanks could ignite. I do hope there are measures in place to prevent this.

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  2. You have a point there Dick, even if I think those tanks store the fuel needed for the jets. Still I do hope those things have fail safes or there are procedures in place in case disaster strikes.

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