Thursday, October 21, 2010

Overheard: "Full length please..." @ KSWF

PFC has many members who have been around exploring the skies for a pretty long time.  So, occasionally, we will post anecdotes that really highlight the joys and lighter side of flying.

This one is courtesy of long time pilot and instructor, Steve R.  The following exchange happened at KSWF (Stewart International) between a student pilot in a Cessna 172 and Stewart Tower. KSWF boasts, among other things, a nearly 12,000 ft runway.

C12345: "Stewart Tower, Cessna 12345, student pilot. Clear of Runway 27 at alpha-3"
KSWF: "Cessna 12345, roger.  Say intentions."
C12345: "I would like to turn around and depart for Caldwell."
KSWF: "Cessna 12345, roger.  Stay with me.  Taxi to runway 27 at alpha-4."
C12345: "Stewart tower. uh, Request runway 27 full length."

slight pause...

C12345: "Stewart tower, my instructor insists that I always use full length."
KSWF: "Okay Cessna 12345, taxi runway 27 full length.  Call me in about half an hour when you get there!"

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