Sunday, October 31, 2010

G-1000 Equipped Plane Joining Paramus Flying Club Fleet

The Paramus Flying Club (PFC) has been a fixture of both Northern New Jersey and Aviation since 1955. The PFC's history is full of aircraft transactions and upgrades.

Most recently, the PFC became the first USA-based club to fly a diesel-powered, jet-A sipping, Cessna 182. This is part of the PFC's ongoing efforts to keep flying costs down while providing safe and capable aircraft to its member/owners.

Over the past few years, though, the rate of innovation within aviation has been increasing. And the PFC has been taking the long view. Under discussion for several years, the board has finally enacted a years-long plan for an upgrade of the entire fleet. And the first concrete evidence will appear shortly on the flightline as the PFC purchases its first G1000-based airplane, a Cessna 172.

The aircraft is found, the financing is arranged, and all that remains is to close and transport the aircraft to its new home and new and proud owners. More news to come as the airplane arrives.

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