Friday, October 22, 2010

ATC at KBOS --- as graceful as any ballet...

Had the incredible experience of flying the club's Cessna 182 into Logan International Airport (KBOS) up in Boston.  The landing, which utilized their "short" 5,000 ft runway 32, away from the main commercial traffic, was routine.

But departure was a thing of beauty.

I happened to be leaving at around 6pm---right around rush hour for Logan.  So here is what they were doing:
1. They were landing traffic on runway 27 (red arrow) in about 2-3 minute intervals
2. In between the landing aircraft, they would launch departing aircraft on the crossing runway 33L (green arrow)
3. Simultaneously, they would move aircraft from the terminal to 33L to position them for departure crossing the landing runway 27 on taxiway Charlie (yellow arrow)

The precision and the poise of the tower controller was amazing.

If that weren't enough, they managed to fit my 182 into the mix.  They did this by asking me to turn left to 290 (40 degrees) the second my wheels left the asphalt (blue arrow). This allowed them to launch the next aircraft on time without waiting for the pokey C182 to fly far enough along to create the necessary separation, and it also spared me from having to worry about wake turbulence from the 737 in front.  Beautiful...

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